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Who is Dyno? Music Producer

For 25-year-old Producer/Artist Dyno, creating music started as just a release from everyday pressures of living in Stony Brook, Long Island; a small, yet dangerous area. He started at the age of 14, learning audio engineering concepts and built a passion for music under the guidance of his father; as for becoming Hip-hop’s rising super producer, it was sort of an after thought. After moving to Manhattan NYC, that 10-year grind landed him with some of the hottest names in music and has worked his way into becoming one of the hottest young producers in music.


Twitter: @TheKidDyno

Facebook: Dyno Productions

Instagram: @DynoBeats

Soundcloud: TheKidDyno




Exodus 14

Exodus 14

Chief Apparel Sponsor
Exodus 14 has been a trusted source for buying and selling the doapest and most coveted sneakers, worldwide. You'll find access to rare sneakers ranging from all brands worldwide. Exodus 14 has been a supporter of Dyno productions providing Sponsorship on all events, videos, and product placements. Dyno productions and Exodus 14 have been partners since its establishment.
Brian Oh

Brian Oh

Chief Financial Officer
Brian Oh is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, B&B Music Group, a role in which he is responsible for the company’s worldwide financial operations. Brian has held numerous senior executive posts in the US and Greater Korea. Oh earned a B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a MBA from the University of New York.
Rayvaughn Vernon

Rayvaughn Vernon

Chief Engineer / Sound Design
Chief Engineer at Dyno Productions. Sound Designer / Music Producer. Credits include TV & Film: VH1, Starz, MTV, HBO, Warner Music and more. Graduated top of his class at Musicians Institute of Hollywood. Takes care of all mixing and mastering at Dyno Productions.
Exodus 14
Brian Oh
Rayvaughn Vernon




I've been working with Kid Dyno for since I was a 10th grader in High School. I am now a freshman in college and he is still my go to guy when it comes to looking for hot beats. I enjoy working with him because he is a professional but treats me like I'm his friend from up the block. I always look forward to listening to his new work and I'm excited about working on many projects produced by him in the future. #KirkGang
Shaunzy /
the style of ur beatz is wavy yo . I can kik to that shiznit all dinay . I'm fukin wit ya ! #tweek
The Great Bud / @tgbud
I gotta stop listening to @TheKidDyno beats Everytime I think my album is done I hear some more shit I wanna add!!! Smh!He A Beast! "Pollen"
NastyNeef / @Hlong215
you need a job working for NBA 2k. The got all the best beat makers. They could use you!!
Yungg Chef / @Wirmss
I luv ur beats Dyno u have major talent n I think my sound will definitely compliment ur beats.
Roxy Hart / @Roxy_thequeen
All i have to say is "He got SKillS.",keep up the #goodwork peace.
Zachariah Mann /
Best undiscovered talent, really impressed
Graham Swaim /
Dyno Productions & Kid Dyno are always on point. The industry standard for high quality beats.
Franz Sincere Ates /
Your beats are so awesome! The best ive heard in a long time!
Chad A-bomb Princ /

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